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Experimax Identifies Top "Gifts for Grads" For Popular Majors

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Looking for the perfect gift for your grad? Experimax, a franchise specializing in the sale of certified pre-owned Apple® products, has identified the best devices for a select group of majors. Whether starting a career in the visual arts, engineering, law, or the medical field, more and more professions are going digital each year. Experimax has something for every major.

"The right device provides graduates a great opportunity to experience the fast, powerful, efficient functionality of many devices in the Apple lineup, each at an affordable price," said Jim Muir, Experimax President. "It is clearly a brand of choice for many industries, but the newest model is not always necessary."

Apple has created devices for all types of users since its introduction. The variety of devices offers shoppers many options, but it can be overwhelming to find the right device at the right price. Experimax has created a recommendation guide to narrow down the search for the ideal device based on the needs and demands of specific professions. Each product recommendation is perfect for professional use whether it be in graphics, audio-video production, engineering, architecture, healthcare, psychology, law, or agricultural sciences. These industries were identified by Experimax as trending specialties where graduates entering these fields need the powerful capabilities of an Apple device.

Experimax identified six college majors where Apple computers can be a helpful tool based on their reliability and ability to keep up with the changing digital landscape.

Among these are:

  • Visual Arts: Visual arts requires the best of the best when it comes to technology. Grads need machines with powerful processors and graphics cards to run design-intensive programs needed for the profession.
  • Engineering / Architecture: Screen resolution for fine details is a must! Power and up-gradability are important for this field, as well as for running complicated engineering programs.
  • Health Professionals: Light-weight, easy to use, portable and app-friendly are non-negotiable features when it comes to this profession.
  • Psychology: Like those in the health professionals major, these grads need lightweight and portable devices that are extremely user-friendly when it comes to note taking.
  • Law / Legal Studies: Time is money. Law grads are looking for devices that are efficient, can store enough data, and easily integrate with other devices.
  • Agricultural Sciences: It's no surprise that technology plays a major role in creating better practices through science. Being able to track, analyze, and crunch data from out in the field or in the office are determining factors when looking for a device.

The devices highly recommended for use in the above-mentioned industries include the MacBook Pro® Retina, MacBook Air®, iPad Pro®, 27-inch iMac® 4k/5k Retina, Mac mini®, iPad mini®, iPad Air®, the Mac Cylinder, and the Apple® watch series, which in special cases, serves as a significant add-on for quick communications, apps, calendars, reminders, and health tracking.

"Our 'Gifts for Grads' recommendations are great for both first-time and experienced users of Apple devices," said Muir.

Experimax, a member of United Franchise Group's affiliated companies and brands, has more than 100 locations throughout the world and in recent years has experienced significant growth. Customers count on Experimax as a one-stop shop for affordable pricing on all Apple devices, and its professionals can troubleshoot computer problems, fix cracked screens, recover data, offer upgrades, and provide a one-year guarantee that takes the risk out of buying pre-owned.

Apple is synonymous with high-speed processors, faster and larger memory capability, and phenomenal graphics.


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