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Robocore UK Ltd - Recruitment & Technology welcomes Stuart Morris as Non Executive Director.

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The internet coupled with social media and communications tools such as Skype and Zoom have made it very easy and affordable to conduct business from any location.

Additionally with the emergence of automation or software that can automate a users physical workflow process, the industry is about to go through it’s next major shift.

Recruitment as a process is about developing solid and robust relationships. Robocore started with a relationship between a recruiter helping a candidate find their next opportunity.

As Robocore produce product lines in recruitment technology, it was decided that with the competitive advantage of RecruiterTech over traditional recruitment businesses, the recruitment franchise division was formed.

In forming the Recruitment Division, we welcome Stuart Morris as Non Executive Director. Stuart brings over 30 years of recruitment business owner experience to Robocore UK Ltd. and has had a very successful career in building and directly managing recruitment companies from the founding members to multi national organisations.

Stuarts main focus will be on key relationships, structure, growth, operations and mentoring. Helping Robocore and franchisee’s build their businesses from the ground up, understanding next steps and direction.

We’re fortunate to have Stuart who has already made a dramatic impact with a lot of excitement on the team, revamping contractual obligations and preparing the business for growth.

About Robocore UK Ltd - Recruitment & Technology

Our founders have over 3 decades of experience in professional services and technology leading multinational teams at enterprise level along with over 23 years in customer facing positions including sales, marketing and recruitment.
What’s emerged are 6 processes across 3 divisions:

Division 1 - Recruitment (Limited Licences)

  • Recruitment & Staffing

Division 2 - Products

  • Education & training including courses and centres
  • Automation and our very own product GridHill
  • Analytics and statistics for research & marketing

Division 3 - Technology

  • Technology outsourcing
  • Management consulting

To Join:

We have different levels of entry, Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum with a unique deposit clawback option, which will allow franchisee’s to make back their deposits quickly.

Earning Potential:

The staffing industry is one of the largest and most lucrative industries in the world, it’s managed through a consistent and consultative process, developing long standing business relationships with key customers who task you to find their talent.

Annual earnings for recruiters match and often surpass manager level incomes. For experienced recruiters, incomes can be higher than senior executives. The key to success in recruitment is mostly attention to detail and mastering all the steps in the recruitment process. Our goal is to produce the technology that makes this easy!

“It’s not a race, It’s a journey!”

Licences are limited by our roadmap to be in a position where we can provide maximum support.


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