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Moeketsi Peane is opening doors in London (UK)!

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  • Technology is increasingly an essential part of the modern workplace.
  • Communication via social platforms and other digital means have become the norm.
  • Business transactions and Networking are done through the internet.

These are all intrinsic to ensure a business can function effectively today. Needless to say, that any of these processes, when not available or when compromised, negatively affect a companies overall ability to conduct its business.

Cyber incidents are on the rise. Just like brick and mortar offices require security, a digital office also requires the necessary security against any form of malicious behaviour. Networks need to be secured and data requires protection from cyber threats. Across every industry, if it is not already a priority, Cyber Security will become a priority.

Some of the emerging trends we are seeing in 2019 are within Cyber Security:

  • Continued move to the cloud – Cloud Security
  • Utilization of data across enterprises – Data Security
  • GDPR Compliance
  • AI and Machine Learning to drive Cyber Security efforts
  • Increased cyber attacks

These emerging trends are creating an increased demand for specialised skills and expertise. This presents a huge opportunity for Moeketsi to position his business in this dynamic and evolving niche, capitalizing on the growth expected for the Cyber Security and Information Technology sector.

Within the Information Technology sector, Moeketsi will also focus on Java. Java is one of the most common and highly in-demand programming languages today. Java is a general-purpose programming language and has become a standard for applications across platforms (Android, Windows, macOS, IOS, …)

For Java developer hiring trends in the UK refer to Java Developer Hiring Trends UK 2019 which gives insight on how Java skills still are very much in demand in the market place.

In conclusion, the Cyber Security sector is growing at a fast pace. The growth in the sector presents a great opportunity for significant demand for highly skilled professionals over the coming years.

This is an exciting time for Moeketsi and Robocore to be positioned in the sweet spot of this emerging labour market which is expected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

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