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6 Characteristics of a Successful Franchisee

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Franchisors with a clear and robust franchise plan know the traits that make a successful franchisee, and will have a training programme in place that builds on these characteristics to give the franchisee an even greater advantage in their industry sector. Depending on the industry sector the franchise is in, more, or less, emphasis may be put on certain characteristics and skills, but in general, whatever the franchise sector, the following characteristics are the ones franchisors are looking for.

1. Passion
A passion for owning the franchise brand is an obvious prerequisite. If a franchisee is lukewarm about it then it is unlikely that they will be successful. Furthermore, potential clients will sense a franchisee’s lack of enthusiasm for the business. What they really want to feel is passion for the product or service, because that creates trust.

2. A willingness to learn
If you are a franchise owner, there are a lot of things to learn about running and marketing your franchise business, so a willingness to learn is vital, and this includes making the time to participate in training sessions.

3. Good communication skills
Franchise owners need to communicate with a diverse range of people, so from a sales perspective, the franchisee needs to be a person who is skilled in the art of persuasive communications. This is a skill that can be developed, and a good franchisee training programme should include working on the best approaches to communicating with clients, as well as the franchisor and the other franchisees.

4. Leadership skills
A franchisee is an entrepreneur with their own company, therefore having leadership skills is very important. The types of people who are C-Suite executives are not ‘followers’: they are strong in decision-making and have the ability to inspire others to follow their lead. Ideally a franchisee should have these qualities.

5. Team player
A franchisee runs their own business, but they are never entirely independent, because they are part of a network of other franchisees, and there is the franchisor’s team as well. The team player spirit is important in franchising, because it is necessary for supporting the brand and ensuring efficient operations across the franchise network.

6. Financial acumen
The franchisee with good financial skills is more likely to be able to assess the value of buying into the franchise, as well as demonstrate skills in managing profit and loss, as well as ongoing operational costs. Financial prudence is a characteristic that all franchisees need.

Do you think you have the characteristics of a successful franchisee? If you think you have got what it takes to become a successful recruitment franchise owner, and can leverage your professional experience and business skills in the recruitment sector, Robocore offers you all the qualities of a good franchise, including:

  • An international franchise model so you can join Robocore from anywhere in the world
  • A tech-based product (AI, robotics and machine learning)
  • A robust and dynamic training model
  • Ongoing support that ensures you will have your business up and running in the fastest time possible.

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