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6 Qualities to Look for in a Good Franchise

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Meet Alison. She has for some years held a senior position in her industry, but now she feels the time is right to be her own boss. After researching the pros and cons of setting up a business from scratch, Alison decides that a franchise would be the most cost and time-effective way to become a business owner and begins her search for a franchise that is most closely suited to her years of experience. She knows the basics about franchising, but what qualities should she look for in a franchisor when making her decision?

1. Industry experience

The most successful franchisors can demonstrate a solid experience in their franchise’s industry sector. This means that franchisees don’t necessarily need in-depth knowledge about that industry, because the franchisor provides them with the knowledge.

2. Robust training

A good franchisor will have a robust training model in place for franchisees. This will expand the franchisees’ knowledge of the industry and support each one in successfully building their business.

3. Ongoing support

A good franchisor never leaves a franchisee wondering what to do next. Ongoing support is essential. Apart from the training, franchisees need to be kept updated about new product developments and upgrades to the technology used. Providing franchisees with marketing support and assisting them with raising their profile on channels such as LinkedIn is an important element in ensuring that franchisees thrive.

4. Strong relationships

A strong franchise is one that is based on collaboration between franchisor and franchisees to develop the business model and make it more efficient. It should also encourage a similar dynamic between the franchisees so that they are able to input ideas from the franchisee viewpoint.

5. A proven sales and marketing system

This system should fit the business model. Look for a franchise with effective advertising materials and marketing strategies, as well as a good understanding of which media types work best for the brand. Training in marketing should also be supplied.

6. Keeping it simple

The best and most successful franchises keep their business model simple and place an emphasis on the activities that will assist their franchisees to get their business up and running as quickly as possible, and of course, make money.

Robocore’s international recruitment franchise

Robocore’s recruitment franchise looks for people who can leverage their professional experience and business skills in the recruitment sector, and it is open to people from all global regions. Currently we have franchisees in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Namibia, the Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, USA, India and the UAE.

Our franchisees come from diverse industry backgrounds and now they can use that inside knowledge as a recruiter. The franchise model is based on new technology (AI, robotics and machine learning) that makes it even easier, for example, for a senior executive in cybersecurity to transition to being an entrepreneurial cybersecurity recruiter.

The Robocore franchise offers a robust and dynamic training model that includes weekly Zoom meetings with our franchisees in locations around the world, bringing in external experts and trainers to expand our learning, and provides ongoing access to personal support from Robocore’s founders. Moreover, since Robocore’s motto is ‘Make It Easy!’, our franchisees can be certain that they will enjoy a start-up process that has their new business up and running in the fastest time possible.

Book your Robocore franchise demonstration

If you would like more information about the opportunity to be part of a growing global recruitment franchise, contacting Robocore UK Ltd is your first step on the way to a whole new way of enjoying a successful career as a recruiter. Simply click below to register your interest

Next time we will be looking at what makes a good franchisee, and why some fail and others succeed.


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