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Can remote working save the recruitment sector?

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A recent Guardian article, ‘How 2020 took me from a six-figure salary to universal credit’ highlighted the plight of one HR professional in the current employment market. After taking redundancy from her job in 2019, she felt confident about taking some time out to write and take on consultancy work before looking for a new full-time post. And then Covid-19 struck. Jobs that she had been shortlisted for in March were pulled due to economic uncertainties, and things did not get better for HR personnel in the following months. She says, “I watched as the bottom fell out of the job market in my field,” and any suitable jobs that did appear were either hundreds of miles away, or 590 other people were also applying.

Create your own job in recruitment

There is a solution to this HR professional’s problem: set up as a recruiter working remotely.

Yes, there are some challenges for recruiters in a remote working set up, but keeping your team in the loop, team management, and the absence of social interaction with your team can all be overcome, as can any perception on the part of hiring managers that a home-based service is likely to provide a lower quality service.

However, as Modern Hire says, “some of these challenges stem from the pain of change,” and once this is addressed, there are significant benefits to remote work for the recruitment sector.

The benefits include increased productivity, fewer sick days, and improved job satisfaction. Furthermore, “Younger recruiters – the ones with energy to burn – may accept one job offer made by a company that offers flexible remote work options over another. Remote work can be a powerful attractor for the best young recruiter talent.” This is an important consideration when you’re building up a team.

Lysha Holmes at The Undercover Recruiter is a keen advocate for Working From Home (WFH) recruiters. She believes an external office is an unnecessary extravagance, and working remotely doesn’t stop her from personally meeting all of her clients. She says, “I believe there is an advantage to me being flexible meeting candidates where is convenient to them rather than me telling them to come to me!”

Even large recruitment companies who use a number of home-based recruiters extol its virtues. Holmes spoke to Thomas Brandrick, MF of Domus Recruitment about his view of home-based recruiters. He said, “It works extremely well for us and enables us to bring highly experienced recruiters back into the industry that would have otherwise been lost.” He also added with regard to ensuring success generally: “What any home worker should focus on is ‘staying close to the money’! If your activities have too distant a return on investment, they are the wrong ones.”

Robocore UK Ltd: a franchise made for your WFH success

Once you’ve decided on being a home-based recruiter, you need a business solution that will get you up and running immediately. This is where the franchise package from Robocore UK Ltd is unbeatable.

Available in Gold, Silver and Bronze levels, and thus adaptable to each franchisee’s financial means, it is an already-assembled business. At its core is Robocore’s Gridhill software that will give you a significant advantage as a startup recruiter. It contains the best in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These two facets, plus the Robocore offer of continuous access to ample technical training, provides franchisees with a team of virtual Sherpas to take recruiters through the talent and jobs data, and so enhance their effectiveness.

At Robocore, we pride ourselves on being a team that empowers our franchisees and we always go the extra mile to provide support that is aimed at ensuring your success. Furthermore, you don’t have to be in the UK to become a Robocore franchisee: you can be anywhere in the world.

The year 2020 has presented challenges, but there are opportunities as well, and becoming a Robocore franchisee is one of them. Make this the year you launched your own recruitment business and worked from home. Contacting Robocore is your first step on the way to a whole new way of enjoying a successful career as a recruiter.


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