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How AI works…and why recruiters need it

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The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing fast, but we still have a lot to learn about it. Some recruiters ask, “How can AI work in my industry?” which is a very good question.

To answer it, let’s start with the basics of how AI works by looking at how an AI machine tackled the complex game of Go.

AlphaGo: how AI plays the game of Go

The AlphaGo project created by Google’s UK-based DeepMind Technologies is a good place to start. AlphaGo is the name the team gave to its AI ‘player’ and the film about it illustrates how the DeepMind team pitted their AI software against South Korea’s top Go player with extraordinary results.

Unlike chess, players of this ancient Chinese game have an almost infinite number of moves available to them, making it a real challenge for AI software producers to develop an AI ‘player’ who could take on an experienced world champion, in this case Lee Sedol, who has won that title eighteen times.

To do this, the DeepMind team collected masses amount of data, because that is what AI depends on. They fed AlphaGo with data from thousands of previous Go tournaments, because data grows its ‘brain’.

In the end, AlphaGo could imitate human Go players, assess the probability of the outcome of a specific move and how that move would affect the rest of the game, and it always aims to maximise the probability of winning. It’s worth watching the film, because the results, as well as the human reactions to playing against a machine, are gripping and intriguing.

As one of the DeepMind team pointed out, it’s important to remember that AI, robotics and machine learning are all the result of human endeavour. AI software is a showcase for human ingenuity when you look at the way it is constructed from the use of data sets that can be searched by an artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the data teaches the AI, and it learns from the information, which is the important difference between it and standard software.

Using AI in recruitment

AI is used across many industries, from driverless trucks and cars to a customer service chatbot. Wherever you find AI, the intention is not to replace humans, but to relieve them of repetitive jobs, thus freeing up people to spend more time on tasks that require more creativity and critical thinking. Recruitment is one such sector, and Robocore UK Ltd is forging forward with its Gridhill Methodology that streamlines the recruitment process, allowing recruiters to focus on the core aspect of the industry – relationships.

One of the great advantages of recruitment is there is the never ending supply of of businesses and contacts to engage with, the challenge is this customer detail is mostly unstructured which makes managing the information a challenge.

The Gridhill Methodology: (Robocore’s custom made recruitment solution)

The Gridhill Methodology uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This is comprised of software robots that are configured to support the recruiters research process in identifying a specific collection of select jobs pools, client pools and talent pools.

The Robocore team are using UiPath, the leading RPA platform, to build its RPA engines that gather the required data from public databases and the Internet to provide the recruiter with structured customer information, providing much clearer business intelligence for strategy and execution.

For example, it produces deep insights into a recruitment niche using a three-step process to deliver manageable data from all the data available in a particular sector.

  1. The first step is to ‘Gather’: in this step the software robots gather Big Data from public datasets and the Internet.
  2. The second step is ‘Organise’. This is where the gathered data goes through a process to ‘Assemble, Transform and Load’.
  3. The final step is ‘Apply’. Now the recruiter, visualises the information.

What you must remember is that without the Gridhill Methodology, this data would have to be sifted through and collated by hand, taking a considerable number of work hours, whereas with Gridhill, it is presented quickly in a structured and easily usable way, leaving you time for other tasks, such as engaging with clients.

Robocore franchisees have all this, plus extensive training support, at their fingertips, and you can choose from Bronze, Silver and Gold packages.

Having the Gridhill tech will give your recruitment business a massive kick-start in business intelligence thanks to Robocore’s software engineering team working behind the scenes gathering data and providing insights into it that take much, much longer in a traditional recruitment set-up.

It enables you to focus faster on a business opportunity, gives you more time to interact with clients and build relationships, and it also adds value for your clients.

Using AI software in your recruitment business puts you a step ahead of those competitors who are sticking with the old school methods. Would you like to know more? Just contact us, as we’re always happy to talk you through why AI is the perfect innovation for a start-up recruitment business.


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