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Recruitment is the perfect ‘working from home’ industry

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This year governments asked all those who could work from home to do so and thus protect health services by limiting the spread of the virus. It has been so successful that many employees don’t want to return to the office. A BBC report states that on 1st July, 30% of UK adults were working exclusively from home. When, in early August, the government announced employees could return to their offices, a research study by Eskenzi, “suggested that 91% of the UK's office workers would like to work from home at least part of the time.”

Those who have discovered the benefits of WFH cite saving time and money on transport and office lunches as a major reason, alongside more time available to spend with the family and improved mental health. And on social media, groups like Happy Healthy Homeworking are suddenly appearing, their aim being to support those who are new to it.

Why didn’t we work from home before?

The general perception across those industries that could have introduced working from home was that it simply wouldn’t work.

Why not? Well, the widespread belief was that employees would not stay motivated without the office buzz. There was also the fear that communications between team members would deteriorate, and that without a boss standing over their shoulder, employees would be less productive.

It’s true that some people need to be with co-workers, and find the prospect of working alone a daunting challenge. However there are many more for whom it is they way they would always prefer to work.

From an employer’s perspective, the fears about lack of communication and productivity have proved to be unfounded. Marketwatch and other sources have reported a large uptick in productivity, and according to Prodoscore, USA workers were 47% more productive in March and April than in the preceding two months.

What many business sectors have realised, and recruitment is one of them, is that all that is needed is to put the right technology in place to support Communication, Motivation and Productivity.

Why WFH works for recruiters

Recruitment is the perfect sector for a WFH set-up, and there are three key reasons why it is better suited to it than other industries.

  1. The technology to support recruitment is available and advanced. Starting with a computer and a phone, you already have your basics, and when you add in Robocore’s Gridhill technology, which uses software robots, machine learning and AI to provide a really advanced recruitment process, you have a unique advantage over the traditional bricks-and-mortar recruitment consultants.
  2. With the right software, you can easily keep track of your team’s productivity. There are few industries where it is easier to measure outcomes, so you can always see who is performing well.
  3. WFH in recruitment improves staff retention. One academic study showed, “Home working led to a 13% performance increase, of which 9% was from working more minutes per shift (fewer breaks and sick days) and 4% from more calls per minute (attributed to a quieter and more convenient working environment).” Employees also said they enjoyed more job satisfaction, and were less likely to leave their job.

What you need as a WFH recruiter

Having the right technology, such as Robocore’s Gridhill software will give you a significant advantage as a startup recruiter. Setting out a home working policy is another essential, so that everyone on your team knows what is expected of them. Last, but not least, daily team meetings play an important role in ensuring good communications, and that everyone has an opportunity to share information. They don’t have to be long meetings: 15 to 30-minutes daily is sufficient. It’s also an opportunity for team motivation.

The Robocore franchise model provides you with all the above, plus access to ample technical training that guides franchisees through the talent and jobs data to enhance their effectiveness as recruiters.

As a Robocore franchisee, you enjoy the benefits and comforts of working remotely, while also tapping into the emerging trend for WFH.

Increase your chances of success by talking to us, and understand why Robocore exists to ‘Make It Easy’ for you!


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