S.A.M Franchisee, Pretoria East Centre Owner, Olympus Centre

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"Through my S.A.M Franchise, I know I am making a difference in South Africa. To see how children come to understand complex questions is so rewarding. I can trust the programme and materials I use, as it they are very meticulously designed and of world-class quality!

I can focus on my passion – teaching – knowing that the support administration systems we use at S.A.M is thorough and easy to use. Nothing is left to guesswork! I can rely on the support from the master franchisees, knowing that the training and coaching I receive equips me to become more confident and better at my job!

This is a good, profitable business, allowing me to grow through leadership and discover many new avenues of my own personal development. From enrolment to reporting, all support is in place, and I can enjoy interacting with children and parents, knowing that I am truly invested in their lives."


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