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We are mostly working on mobile apps, complex web services and machine learning software. In April this year (2019) we decided to use our technical knowledge and expertise in recruitment and organise a separate business unit, a small recruitment agency that specialises in IT – vacancies.

Recruitment Market

Quick research of the recruitment market with focus on the Russian market revealed a stable growth. Around 45.000 positions were filled in 2017 in Russia (~1 Billion$, 15% more than in 2016) by recruitment agencies. We see this as a huge opportunity to leverage our technical knowledge and thought, why not recruit, test and interview technical talent for other companies and earn on it?

The Challenge

The challenge is that we do not have the expertise and infrastructure to go and find the existing talent in the market place. So, what should we do?

We determined that the most prospective way to go about this, is to buy a franchise.

Our main criteria to consider a franchise are:

  • International and recognisable brand
  • Not too high entrance fee
  • Training and support from a Franchiser
  • Help with attracting customers would be fantastic

We scanned the different offers from recruitment franchisors for about 2 weeks through Franchise Direct where we found the Robocore offer. We showed our interest in the Robocore franchise and made a request. Within a few days we got contacted by Patrick Hames, the Chief Business Development Officer of Robocore. He asked about our intentions and gave us a first view of the Robocore franchise offer. We had a bit of a language challenge, but we easily overcame that in mutual understanding.

Robocore Experience

At first it wasn’t really clear to us that Robocore is offering a new method supported with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. The focus seemed on the technology. We were informed that the most important part of the recruitment business is really the initial communication and relationship building with a candidate. The idea of software robots supporting this process is seen from the principle as a radical idea. However, we believe in it!

We received a presentation with detailed explanation of the Robocore approach. I was invited to join a webinar that Robocore was facilitating for other people interested in Robocore’s recruitment franchise. I learned more about the GridHill methodology and the different models Robocore offered for beginner and experienced recruiters. With this new information available, there was a lot to talk about and discuss internally.

After the webinar, I was invited to a more technically-oriented meeting where Patrick Hames was accompanied by Mike Naylor, Co-founder of Robocore and the Solutions Architect, who gave a demo of GridHill. In the conversations I had previous with Patrick, I had mentioned that we at ITA had a specific need where to source the job advertisement data from. We would use a Russian recruitment service which addresses the specific job market need for us. In the demo we were presented with data from the mentioned Russian recruitment service. We appreciated this presentation and the effort Robocore had done to present us with the data a lot, as we understand how difficult it can be to retrieve data from a different source. Mike demonstrated to us an aggregate of vacancies from the same companies, showing historical data, etc… We realised, that the most important part of Robocore recruitment franchise is the GridHill Methodology, where the technology is mainly an enabler to support the methodology.

After the demo I received a contract template and the franchise instructions, which triggered the next round of communication. We asked many questions and received all the required answers to our questions in good time from Co-Founder of Robocore, Warren A. Drabble.

Our Next Step

With all this information at hand, the next step for us was to prepare a SWOT analysis of the Robocore recruitment franchise based on our experience so far with Robocore and our vision. It was a rather straight forward document we prepared which contained legal, technical, PR and marketing questions. Another meeting was scheduled with the Robocore team, who answered very carefully all our questions and outlined their strategy and business vision. I really appreciated the respect and friendly attitude towards me and my colleagues during these conversations. We received all required information and got a clear understanding how to run a recruitment business as a Robocore partner. We are now looking for a manager to organise all the process needed and do the necessary internal preparations to move forward.

With huge respect for the Robocore Team,

Alex from ITA


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