How I Found the Perfect Recipe for Professional Success - Sergio Mota’s Life as a Robocore UK Ltd Franchisee

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Sergio Mota wanted to start his own business, and with many years of experience in the HR sector, a recruitment franchise was an obvious choice for the Portuguese businessman.

We asked him about his previous experience in recruitment, and why he selected the Robocore UK Ltd franchise model to set up his own business.

Q: You have extensive experience in HR – what do you love about recruitment as a career?

SM: Recruiting is an activity that some employers and candidates may think of as simple and straightforward. The truth, however, is much deeper than that. In many ways, recruiting is like putting together a beautiful and complex puzzle — it’s about taking on challenges, getting to know both candidates and employers alike, and putting the pieces together by determining which ones will fit together seamlessly.

So, recruitment became my great passion: discovering people’s motivations and aspirations for professional and personal growth, helping them to achieve their career goals, and creating a trusted relationship in which my objective is a mirror of the candidates careers objectives, that is to say finding the right opportunity and the right position to enable their development and fulfilment.

For someone like me, who loves getting to know other people, not only their professional background, but also their “story”, where they studied, why did they choose a specific field, their achievements and ambitions.

In short, being able to participate in a process where I can help them move closer to their dreams, gives me an enormous satisfaction. In the same way, we want to give companies the best talent solutions to strengthen even more their best asset: their people!

Working in the Recruitment sector is where we get that win-win feeling in every assignment we accomplish, knowing that by the end of the day we have contributed to improving someone’s life, as well as the performance of the companies we work with.

Q: What have you found to be the biggest challenges in HR in the past?

SM: Working in HR is with out a doubt one of the most challenging jobs around. We are on that razor’s edge where we must balance the interests and expectations of every person within a company, manage their needs as professionals and create the ideal conditions for them to show the best of themselves, and at the same time put it all together with the company’s global strategy.

Knowing that each person is an individual with specific characteristics and expectations, it’s easy to see that a global solution that treats everyone equally simply doesn’t exist.

A former colleague of mine used to say that a good HR guy must be a good numbers guy, that no matter what the brilliant idea we could have to improve motivation or the performance of our teams, it should first pass the numbers test, and that if we couldn’t translate the results into numbers, then probably we should expect some frustration in the near future.

So, you can see the contradiction here: on one side we have the business concerns, where all the figures must be balanced, and on the other side we have the human factor, where we all know that sometimes it’s impossible to measure how a certain action or measure will impact the global performance of a team or company.

Although the “battle” with numbers is always present in the daily routine of HR, one thing is for sure, only the best motivated, skilled and well prepared teams will enable any company to thrive in this increasingly competitive and ever challenging world.

To accomplish that, our concerns begin at the very start: Who do I want to work in my team? What kind of skills do I need in order to develop my business and achieve the results my company needs to stay competitive and provide the best product or service?

This was always my first and biggest challenge: to be capable of identifying and retaining the best talent I needed within my teams, because when there isn’t a good fit, then the numbers show a bad recruitment choice.

We see bad performance, relationship issues with colleagues, extra time in training and acculturation problems leading to the conclusion that we have to start all over again.

Making a good job of Recruitment is the challenge that once accomplished turns out to be the best way to make life easier for HR teams and help them develop as individuals and as a team.

Q: What made you decide to become a Robocore UK Ltd franchisee?

SM: After some 20 years working as a HR Manager, I decided it was time to start my own business, and to work independently in the HR sector, specifically in Recruitment, which is the field where I think I can bring more value due to my past experience. It’s also o field with exponential growth and great business opportunities.

Following that first decision, I searched for a business model in which I could have some kind of support or partnership with a like-minded team, bearing in mind that starting a new business all on your own means a bigger risk. So it was essential for me to have that kind of support, and the franchise model is particularly suited to that.

Robocore emerged as having the perfect business model that I was searching for. It offers Recruitment as its core activity, but with very important differentiating factors supported by Automated technology, such as AI and RPA tools that could leverage and provide the right information at the right time, and we all know that in recruitment, timing and opportunity is everything.

Besides that, I also found a fantastic team that is always available to help. They have a tremendous knowledge of the latest technologies we are using, as well as cumulative years and years of experience in recruitment. They made me feel very comfortable about facing all the challenges and projects ahead.

Q: What are the most important services Robocore offers to you as a franchisee?

SM: Robocore offers a global service with very unique characteristics. It integrates the recruitment business with state of the art technology, as well as providing tools and information in a way that if we took the traditional path, it would certainly take much more time to achieve the same results.

Robocore incorporates the concept of RecruiterTech, and understands the transformation that is happening within the recruitment business, by giving the team a set of tools and services that are indispensable for tackling these new challenges.

From these I must highlight the following ones:

a) Robocore’s custom made recruitment technology platform (GridHill) that automates and manages very large quantities of data, in order to deliver the most efficient analysis of the market trends and needs, both for clients as for candidates. This allows the recruiters to focus on their business niche and to invest more quality time ion the long term relations we want to develop with our partners (clients and candidates).

b) It also offers one of the most advanced and complete ATS (Applicant Tracking System) systems in the world, which gives us at all times a complete overview of all of our processes: our recruitment and sales funnel, information dashboards and the ability to follow the activities of our own team, so that everything works as planned. We always have all the information needed to provide a quality service to our partners.

c) Robocore, also provides excellent training in every aspect of our activity as independent Recruiters. This ranges across hard and soft skills, sales processes, how to approach clients and candidates, how to choose our niche, how to manage all the data we get with our tech tools and how to develop a successful business in the Recruitment sector. Besides providing a Training Program that is already developed, the Robocore team is always available to give support when and where it is needed the most. This was one of the main reasons that led me to join Robocore.

d) None of the previous points would work if a world-class communication platform didn’t exist, and Robocore has one. We can depend on its online platform that enables us to have direct channels of communication with everyone in the company, no matter where someone is located. In this way working remotely is no problem at all: we are all always connected and able to follow everyone’s projects related to our global business, because we have updated feedback and online contact at any time it is needed.

Basically, I think that the most valuable service we get from Robocore, is the team’s continuous care for our business. They give us all the tools we need to grow. Also, they are always concerned about the obstacles we may face in our work, and are always looking for ways in which Robocore can eliminate those difficulties, so that we can achieve our objectives in the most supported way possible.

Q: What aspects of the Robocore package have helped you most? How supportive have the team been?

SM: This question is closely related to the previous one, in that all the tools provided by Robocore aim to provide all the necessary support to its franchisees.

One of the main aspects of this continuous monitoring is the constant communication with and permanent availability of the entire Robocore team. As I mentioned before, feeling that we have a team totally focused and oriented to serve the franchisees and endow them with all the information and tools necessary for their success is fundamental in this activity, and this we can undoubtedly find in the Robocore team.

Q: Do you see remote working as the future of recruitment, as well as the future of work?

SM: I think that working remotely will be an increasing trend in the recruitment sector, and as we have seen more recently with the Covid-19 pandemic, it will also be a trend that has come to stay in virtually all sectors of economic activity. The world is changing, and nowadays we have at our disposal digital and technological tools that bring us together in a much simpler and more effective ways than in the past. Online interviews and meetings can bring together multiple persons, which speeds up and simplifies the process.

Also, the remote working format fits perfectly with the Robocore model. For example, I have all the necessary information and business management tools in the palm of my hand via smartphone or compute. I am also able to manage my working times in a way that is much more appropriate to achieving the balance between my professional and personal life.

Q: You say you like to help candidates find their dream job – could you give an example of where you have achieved that?

SM: As a recruiter, my main objective is to find the best possible fit between a company’s need to hire someone and the profile that best fits that need, providing the company with the talent it needs for its development and at the same time providing the candidate with the ideal conditions for their professional growth.

In practically all cases, when this reciprocity occurs, it means a substantial improvement in the candidate’s conditions as a professional, although it does not always mean an improvement in income, which is something we must take into account as an important part of the whole process.

Anyway, I can give the example of a process that I developed in which the candidate, despite the good financial conditions he had in his previous company, felt that he was limited in relation to the type of projects he was given to work on.

He was someone who had invested a lot of his time in training and was prepared to take on more complex and demanding challenges. However, the company where he worked simply did not have the size and calibre of projects that would enable this candidate to grow. Furthermore, the structure of the company did not allow him to see any possibility to advance in the short term, so he felt unmotivated and discouraged.

When I met him, I realized immediately what the challenge was: this candidate needed to find a new professional alternative that was challenging, that required all his skills and where he could really show his full potential.

In my search for the ideal opportunity for this candidate, I managed to identify a company that, despite offering a slightly lower salary, positioned itself in the market as a company with strong growth and with very strong R&D components, which was constantly looking for emerging technologies and innovative solutions for its customers.

It was a perfect fit, and the candidate was super excited about the possibility of finally being able to participate in cutting edge projects where he could demonstrate his full potential. Plus, the company loved this candidate’s profile. In the end it was the dream job for this candidate and company got the talent it was looking for to continue developing its team.

This is the type of result that gets me up every morning and makes me look forward to my work. It is how I fulfil myself as a professional. This is just one example, but there are others and I hope to have many more in the future!

Q: Has working with Robocore helped you to achieve a better work-life balance? Is this something that was important to you when looking for a franchise model?

SM; Throughout my professional career, prior to Robocore, I have always had very demanding challenges in terms of the amount of time dedicated to the companies I worked for. For this reason I have also always had serious problems with work-life balance that led to moments of great frustration, especially when I needed to provide support for my family.

Now that I have opted for a business model that maximises my experience and professional skills, but also allows me to have more time for myself and my family, Robocore has proved to be the ideal solution for my ambitions.

Working remotely is undoubtedly one of the aspects that contributes a lot to this balance. I enjoy the benefits of independent working whilst having a team around me to support my growth.

With the Robocore model you have the freedom to manage your schedules and to manage the methods that allow you to achieve your goals.

For me it was like gaining a new life where I can now be more present with my family, have time to do other things that complement my professional life and thus have been able to drop the pressure of a professional life limited by other people’s goals.

We must not forget, however, that with freedom comes responsibility, and that is why we must have discipline, create our own working method that minimizes the potential distractions of working at home.

So the answer can only be yes! The Robocore UK Ltd business model as a franchise, besides providing methods and tools for me to grow as a professional and independent recruiter, also allows me to do it in my own way. With it I have the freedom of choice I was looking for in developing my business, and at the same time I’m able to provide a top class recruitment service for all our clients.

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