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Welcome to Blam Websites & Apps. Proven Success, Unmatched Support, Affordable Pricing and years of experience.

Ready to become a tech entrepreneur with a recession-proof business? We'll train you as a digital marketing expert and provide cutting-edge online marketing tools to help small business owners succeed.

No previous sales or tech experience required, all you need is a can-do attitude and a passion for helping entrepreneurs thrive online. With our online training platform, we offer the best training and business support in the whole industry. Don't just take our word for it - hear from our partners who have transformed their lives.

Join us and start building a long-term, residual income today! Don't wait, act now!

Blam Partnership Program

It helps individuals start their own digital marketing agency from home. Offers services such as websites, mobile apps, social media management and digital marketing services. Targeted towards small to medium-sized businesses.

It's a full-service digital marketing agency. No need for technical skills as all services and products are managed by the Blam team. The programme requires a starting capital of GBP £9,997/$14,000 (subject to VAT or local taxes where applicable)

What made you decide to partner with us?

We won’t promise you easy money for little effort, but we will promise that if you put in the hard work using our systems and processes, combined with our comprehensive support, we can show you how to build an awesome sustainable business.

Our success is your success, so be prepared as we will actively discourage you from buying a franchise if we believe you won't succeed in it. We value our time and yours!

The Most Significant Benefits of Blam's Business Program:

  • Reach a global market without staff or expensive offices
  • Specialised training system
  • Uncapped potential income
  • Enjoy the independence of building your business on your own terms
  • Achieve financial freedom with Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).
  • Run your business from anywhere with a laptop, smartphone and an internet connection.
  • Benefit from a dedicated team for support and resources

Best education on market

Blam is committed to providing the best education on the market for our Partners. This is confirmed by the reviews of our current Partners and their results. Our Certified Training Program is designed to help you become a better business person and tech entrepreneur in just 30 days. You'll benefit from a proven and predictable system of selling digital marketing products and services to small businesses.

As a Blam Partner, you'll receive access to world-class digital marketing training courses from our partner Digital Marketer, worth over $5,000 alone. We offer 13 certified courses to help you become an expert digital marketer and grow your business faster with our experts by your side.

The potential for earning is limitless. Through offering a range of monthly recurring revenue streams:

  • Artificial intelligence websites
  • Business mobile apps
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Social media management, across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google My Business
  • Website content creation services
  • Google and Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC) management services
  • Graphic design services like logo and social media content creation
  • And much, much more
We offer a lucrative opportunity for people willing to learn and put in the work. With each sale, residual income grows, allowing for more earnings without extra effort. The earning potential is impressive, many of our Partners are convinced of this based on their own experience.

With an achievable target of over five figures per month in just 12-18 months. As a Blam Partner, you'll bring valuable services to clients and create a profitable revenue stream. Testimonials are available upon request. Contact us for more information!

Get started today and ride the digital transformation wave with Blam Websites - The Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Franchise in the World.

Case Study: Three Years Start to Finish, A Successful Digital Marketing Agency

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Company: Overt Digital Media Ltd

Owner: Jon Richardson

Type: Blam Partner Franchise

Company Summary:

Digital marketing specialists in Bournemouth and Poole helping small and medium size businesses to stand out from the crowd and attract more customers.

Location: UK


Life Before Blam

Before starting his journey as a Blam Partner, I was in sales for over 20 years selling big-ticket, complex technology products from communications software to HR systems to large businesses. My last position was selling software for the cruise industry which included travelling all over the world but I was made redundant after my company was sold.

I’ve wanted to be self-employed for the past 10-years, but the thing that stopped me was what I saw as my skill set - big-ticket sales. My deals would take between 6-36 months to come to fruition. When I got made redundant and started to look at what I could do next, I looked at a number of franchises and, because my background involved a lot of international travel, I was very close to signing on the dotted line with a travel franchise.

The Blam Formula for Passive Income - MRR

When you have a job, if you have an accident or break your leg or you get the flu, you can lay on the sofa and still get paid your paycheck at the end of the month. You might not get paid as much, but you know your mortgage and your bills will be paid by someone else.

You don’t have that luxury when you work for yourself. But, with Blam, you do. it’s a win-win and a no-brainer in my mind, I don’t know why you would do anything else.

Hitting the Ground Running with Blam

I’m 16 months into my journey now. The last eight months have been phenomenal - really, really good!

We set up Overt Digital Media on the 19th of March 2020, four days before the lockdown. I spent quite a bit of time researching what the best business model was for me. I always knew it was a passive revenue or recurring revenue model and after looking at several different possible partners, I chose Blam in February [2020] and have never looked back.

It took a little while to get off the ground because of several factors, but I'm 16 months into my journey now. The last eight months have been phenomenal - really, really good!

My first time being in business on my own

I'd always been employed prior to that and always in quite senior roles. My last role was a global role selling big-ticket software platforms to the cruise industry so I was travelling to LA, Florida, and all around the Mediterranean (all in business class) and earning really good money. I decided that I wanted to walk away from that and just take control of my own life and not have all those sales meetings, those one-to-ones, appraisals, forecast calls, quarterly business reviews, and all of that nonsense that goes with it.

It was always going to be a huge learning curve and it certainly lived up to that expectation. Going from the corporate world to being on your own, running your own business it's polar opposites.

The Initial 16 Months

“In May, I had so much to do in terms of delivery that I had to actually stop selling...I had about 12 websites and apps to deliver before I went on holiday at the end of May.”

The business was growing steadily every month but, obviously, it felt like 'two steps forward one step backward'. I'd have a good month and then people would cancel and I was thinking 'What am I doing wrong?' Then I'd panic and discount massively [to get sales].

Then November came and I had a storming month, the stars just aligned. Then December was a good month as well - not as good as November - but still brought on two or three new customers and then I really took stock over the Christmas period and said 'right, okay where do I wanna be...where I want to take this and how I want to get there?' That was a really valuable exercise and literally every month this year has been my best ever month with the exception of May.

In May, I had so much to do in terms of delivery that I had to actually stop selling. I had to close the doors, hunker down, and actually get everything delivered. I think I had about 12 websites and apps to deliver before I went on holiday at the end of May.

The Wow Factor for Customers

“Because we don't charge like £2000 up front, this is £125 a month, people have a lower expectation. When you come back with this killer website, people are just blown away by it.”

But it was a conscious thing, a conscious action to take. I look back at that time and I think 'well, what's the reason for what I was doing differently?' It's still quite a difficult question to answer because it's a gradual process and you have a lot more confidence in the quality of the websites that we sell and the apps that we provide - the quality of the work. Every time I deliver a website, pretty much without fail the customer goes 'wow that's a lot better than I was expecting!'

Because we don't charge like £2000 up front, this is £125 a month, people have a lower expectation. When you come back with this killer website, people are just blown away by it. So that really built my confidence in the product, the offering, and the expertise of the team.

Full Steam Ahead!

Then I got a head of steam and I started getting my first referrals from existing customers. I was like 'oh okay, well that's it, that's an easy win' and that started to build up a head of steam now. I entered into this month [July 2021] with eight deals likely to close in my pipeline which was just unheard [in the past] - it was always two or three - and it just builds confidence. The more confident you are, the more people will come over to you, and now I've started adding additional fees onto the website fee just for my own time and consultancy.

So now I've got this additional recurring revenue from the experience gained the last 16 months. Things are looking really good now. I'm way ahead of my business plan and that was the business plan I put in place prior to Covid-19, so I obviously had to rethink that. But even when I look at that business plan, I'm way ahead of it.

Year Two And It’s Going Great!

"I'm four months into my second financial year and I'm probably where I expected to be at the end of the financial year"

I'm quite conservative and risk-averse by nature, so you know I always air on the side of caution. But, actually, I'm four months into my second financial year and I'm probably where I expected to be at the end of the financial year.

Setting a Price that Reflects My Experience

I didn't believe in this until it happened to be completely honest. I do a discount if I've got a sole trader who's just starting out on that journey. You know they've just left their job and they're not quite sure what I'm going to do. I still do discounts if I like that person and I think that they're serious, but I very rarely discount now. Actually this month, my volume of deals is actually down quite significantly but the profitability of the month is way up so it's completely the right model. I think when you set these benchmarks, you think 'oh that's never going to happen', and then all of a sudden it just does and it's like 'wow, oh here we go!'

Taking on Staff and Scaling the Business

“If all I do is replicate what I've done in the last 12 months I'll get there”

This is the next thing and I'm already thinking about that. My wife is coming into the business, albeit not full-time, as I'm too busy at the moment and I need that help. Next up is a member of staff. I'm all about the numbers. I think I'm probably about a month away from hitting the numbers to employ that person and, in fact, I think there'll probably be a couple of people in the next couple of months - one on the admin side and one on the sales side.

It's very exciting and I know that if all I do is replicate what I've done in the last 12 months I'll get there. I don't need to get any better, the market doesn't need to get any better, and all I need to do is stay static in terms of my ability in the market and I'll get there.

Hopefully, I will get better and the market will get better and I'll get there a lot sooner! But where the opportunity lies for me, and I don't want to drop this on you because we've not really talked about this, I know within two years (hopefully within a year) I'm going to get myself to a point where I don't actually need to be in it. I'll have salespeople bringing it in, I'll have admin people delivering it, and then I'll work a couple of hours a day. That's the goal because naturally, I'm quite lazy

It’s completely achievable with this model, it's absolutely, completely achievable! If you'd asked me that eight months ago I'd have said 'you're crazy', but now I'm probably about a year away from doing that. In three years from start to finish - although it won't be finished because it will never be finished - but actually achieving those goals, I can see it, I can taste it now.

Blam Support is like Gold Dust!

“ I couldn't have done it without you"

Don't get me wrong there are some sleepless nights, long hours, and a lot of head-scratching. But, the support you get from the team at Blam is just gold dust, I couldn't have done it without Blam, to be honest.

I would be nowhere near where I am today, I'd probably be back in a job again if it wasn't for the Blam guys so thank you.

Blam Websites & Apps Testimonials
I fully committed! Despite the pandemic, this was the best decision I've ever made
Jon R. Overt - Digital Media,
Blam Websites & Apps
Not only is the product the best out there but the team shares my core values, helping local businesses. These guys come highly recommended!
Mike DeMeo,
Blam Websites & Apps
In this current market, businesses need to market themselves online as much as possible, and Blam offers an affordable way to grow your own business and help others grow as well.
Andrew Wilson,
Blam Websites & Apps
I had to make a decision to go 100% full-time on this
Jon B. - CEO We Are Doodlebug (Norwich, UK),
Blam Websites & Apps
Get the Blam Partner Success Programme done. This year, I've quadrupled my sales so far, doing 3 (sales) a week.
Matt Wileman CEO Up2Speed,
Blam Websites & Apps
You guys at Blam are genuinely about helping partners
Jen Paul, CEO at Digital Consultants,
Blam Websites & Apps
After all my research, Blam came out on top”
Andrew S. CEO at Evidall,
Blam Websites & Apps
The team at Blam gave me a sense of security. I feel that I'm not alone in this
Marius C - CEO at Webshure,
Blam Websites & Apps
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About Blam Websites & Apps

'Is digital marketing a good business for a first-time entrepreneur?"
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Available Locations:
Partnership opportunities are available throughout South Africa and English-speaking countries.
Business Type:
Business Opportunity
Minimum Investment:
R353,640* (*Subject to VAT or local taxes where applicable)
Financing Assistance
Training Provided:
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