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Open a Cyber Minds franchise and you could be training tomorrow’s tech titans!


Cyber Minds Training Institutes has been a SOLID SUCCESS STORY for 22 YEARS

A passion for training and technology... is what it takes to succeed as a Cyber Minds Training Institutes franchisee.

If you’re looking to start and build a successful people-oriented business, a Cyber Minds’ Training Institutes may just be what you’re looking for!

As a licensee you will offer computer training courses that are fun and easy to follow, and can be personalised to meet the requirements of any individual or business.

Founder Marius Lubbe says the opportunity is ideal for outgoing go-getters who are prepared to roll up their sleeves and get involved in helping to skill up their local community: “First and foremost, licensees must be willing to work with and nurture their students,” he says. “And while some computer skill is an advantage, it is not a requirement for joining as all the necessary training is provided.”

Main Objective

When Cyber Minds® Training Institutes was started, we designed our system from an educational perspective and not an IT industry view. Our students are treated like real people, whether 12 years old or a senior citizen, with care, a personal touch and a deep understanding of the fears and self-doubts we all have. We use this uniquely Cyber Minds® Training Institutes method especially with computer beginners, but find it useful even with advanced IT students, as we understand that even they have fears and doubts taking a new course.

Continuously building self-confidence and a good self-image with our students are very important as part of our ideal outcome, and our success. Cyber Minds® Training Institutes means using a creative way to teach, stimulate and grow your mind and thinking, and that is our unique proposition as a group.

The benefits of choosing Cyber Minds Training Institutes

  • Initial licensee training takes place over a three-week period and covers marketing, scheduling and pricing structures, as well as sessions on all software programs taught.
  • Ongoing support and guidance is available thereafter.
  • There are a number of licensing models available which are designed to meet the requirements in rural villages, small rural towns, larger towns and suburban areas.

Our unique educational approach

While licensees specialise in training computer novices, they also offer more advanced courses for office workers and businessmen using Cyber Minds Training Institutes world-class training material.

  • Students can learn at their own speed, which ensures they engage completely with the content.
  • This flexibility, combined with a relaxed environment and dedicated trainers, has seen students sign up in their droves.
  • Where many training companies focus on the number of subscribers, Cyber Minds Training Institutes concentrates on great value, superb outcome and 100% success for students. “Having successful students breeds more business,” says Lubbe.
All training material is revised and updated on a regular basis to ensure that it stays relevant and meets the changing needs of all students.

Cyber Minds Training Institutes is fully accredited with the Media, Information, Communication Technologies sectoral (MICT) education training authority (Seta) and is a long-time FASA (Franchising Association of South Africa) member.

To enquire about franchise opportunities in your area, please contact us today.

Creative Minds Computer Training
Creative Minds Computer Training
Creative Minds Computer Training
Available Locations:
Opportunities available worldwide.
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
ZAR 400,000
Financing Assistance
Training Provided:
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