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Trends and Facts About Food Franchises

Food franchise opportunities are abundant in South Africa, as food and beverage are things that everyone needs! There are many different options for food franchises, such as fast food, health food, pizza, sandwich shops, smoothie and juice bars, as well as restaurant franchises.

In South Africa, the pizza fast food franchise industry is one of the fastest growing sectors, with pizza taking its place as a universally popular food among consumers. Similar to pizza eating trends in the US, South Africa is also expanding its consumption levels to become one of the most regularly eaten fast foods in South Africa, with millions of pizzas being consumed every year! Other food franchises are also performing well, including Oriental food takeaway.

Smoothies are also on the rise, as South Africans are getting healthier. According to one news article, fruit smoothies are in! With many restaurants embracing healthy initiatives, consumers are flocking to food and drink businesses that will offer such alternatives. The best way to capitalise on this huge growth market is by investing in a food franchise opportunity now!

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