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Ten to One: Five Important Questions That Other Franchisees Can Answer

February 19, 2015 / FRANCHISE ARTICLE FAQ about Franchising, Guide To Buying A Franchise, The Franchisee's Perspective
The chance to contact someone who has already 'been there and done that' is an unmatched opportunity, and franchisees can give you answers that franchisors would never be able to provide. Pick some current franchisees, call them, and ask these five fundamental questions to gain a clearer understanding of what to expect. Read more.

Ten to One: The Six Financial Terms Every Franchisee Needs to Know

January 28, 2015 / FRANCHISE ARTICLE FAQ about Franchising, Funding the Franchise Business, Guide To Buying A Franchise
Are you hoping to get a loan to buy a franchise? Before you book that appointment with a potential lender, you need to understand these six financial terms that professionals in the franchise industry use every day. Read more.

Relooking Network Opens a Pilot Centre in Paris

January 28, 2015 / FRANCHISE NEWSHealth & Beauty Franchises
Relooking At the end of 2014, the Relooking beauty business network opened its second pilot centre (address: 4 rue de Maubeuge, Paris 9ème) following the first in Valence, where its headquarters are based. Read more.

Ten to One: The Seven Franchise Industries You Should Consider

December 2, 2014 / FRANCHISE ARTICLE Trends & Facts, The Franchisee's Perspective, The Franchise Industry
In the fourth installment of this series, we are down to seven useful points. While all franchise industries are of course fabulous, these seven are particularly appealing for different reasons and they deserve extra attention if you are considering buying a franchise in South Africa. Read more.


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