IFA Launches a Competition So Young Entrepreneurs Can Join the Franchise Industry

November 11, 2014 / BLOG POST The Franchisee's Perspective, The Franchise Industry, Guide To Buying A Franchise
All the big franchises had humble beginnings. The International Franchise Association has set up the 'Young Entrepreneurs in Franchising' competition, a campaign targeting young entrepreneurs around the world and asking them to submit creative new ideas for the franchise industry. Read more.

Ten to One: Eight Questions Everybody Ought to Ask before Buying a Franchise

November 4, 2014 / FRANCHISE ARTICLE Guide To Buying A Franchise, FAQ about Franchising, The Franchisee's Perspective
Are you thinking of investing in a franchise? Before you go scrutinising the deals on offer, you need to take a look at these eight essential questions and analyse yourself a little bit. Read more.

Ten to One: Nine Good Reasons to Buy a Franchise

October 3, 2014 / FRANCHISE ARTICLE Trends & Facts, The Franchisee's Perspective, FAQ about Franchising
Read the second post of the fun new series 'Ten to One' and discover nine convincing reasons why you should invest in a franchise – everything from centralised purchasing to being able to predict the future. Read more.

IntellaTread Technologies

IntellaTread Technologies South Africa Franchise Video

IntellaTread Technologies provides a safer, smarter way for tiles to be cleaned. This video gives a clear demonstration of the clever process, using a residential room as an example.