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Make a profitable business and make a change in children’s education with Algorithmics – a programming school for kids with over 150 franchisees across the globe

Algorithmics is one of the world's largest programming schools for children from 5 to 17 years old.

Currently, over 150,000 children are studying at our school. Our footprint counts 18 countries and 200 cities.

Jointly with the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan, we have launched a project to introduce a new format of teaching computer science in public schools. The project received an award at Bett MEA in April 2019.

Our team are professionals who love children and want to make programming simple, exciting and fun for them.

Programming is a skill of the 21st century. Even though many schools teach information and communication technology, lots of students have minimal elementary programming skills.

We combine offline and online learning. At Algorithmics, we help children to make their first steps in STEM. Our students create video games, cartoons and IT projects. They acquire critical thinking and logical reasoning skills, presentation and project planning skills, teamwork and more. No matter who they will become, children will take advantage of what they learn with us.

Start your business with one of the world's best franchises behind you.

Take a look at the investment numbers involved:
  • The lump-sum payment starts from R 235,666 (depends on the population of a city and other factors)
  • Royalty: 10% of sales
  • One School: From R 240,000
  • Location: On Request
  • Master: On Request

Additional investments: up to R 157,111

Investments include marketing, rent, furniture, and equipment

Let us help you accelerate your entrepreneurial dream!
  • Startup Investments: R 314,222
  • Operating earnings attainment within 3+ months
  • Payback: 1 year or more
  • Net profit: from R 47,133/month

We’re in the business of making a difference that matters. What parents choose Algorithmics?

We understand that every student learns the material at a different pace. At Algorithmics, we developed an online education platform that allows instructors and parents to track students progress and create an individual study path for each child, taking into account her/his abilities. We monitor students progress and make tasks more complicated if the students cope quickly, or offer additional similar assignments for those having difficulties with the material.

Our innovative education platform allows:
  • building personal education tracks where the difficulty level adapts to each student
  • analyzing student performance
  • supervising tutors activity and class progress
  • studying both at school and home and chatting with teachers

What will you get as Algorithmics franchisee?

The lump-sum package includes:
  • an up-to-date online learning platform
  • methodological guidelines
  • detailed lesson plans, media, and workbooks
  • LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Teacher and sales training

Our priority is not limited to launching your business. We are interested in helping you grow!

Every franchisee gets access to our knowledge database that has ready-to-use instructions and materials to start your business:
  • detailed checklist and step-by-step school launch plan
  • product information
  • teacher selection criteria
  • promotion tips and advertising guidelines
  • marketing materials
  • customer support standards
  • sales scripts and rules

Never had a business? Don’t worry – we will help you along the way!

Every affiliate has its account manager providing advisory across all stages.
  • We provide training for teachers, supervisors, and sales manager
  • We provide you with instructions on how to use our educational platform and LMS

You will find yourself in an active community of entrepreneurs continually sharing their experience.
We have over 150 successful partners across the globe, you can become one of them today.

Ready to start? These are 8 essential steps to start your business:
  • Sign a contract
  • Find a location
  • Find teachers
  • Get training for your teachers and supervisors
  • Hold free introductory lessons to attract students
  • Enroll students and start classes
  • Keep an eye on student retention and teachers professional growth
  • Report on your activities to the Parent Company

Learn more about our franchise opportunity!

Algorithmics News

No royalties for the first five months - a special promotion from Algorithmics!

by Franchise Direct| April 16, 2024| Franchise News, Franchise Information Centre
Take a look at the offer launched by the programming education franchise.
Algorithmics Testimonials
Working with the Algorithmics company, methodology, and team, so far, I have very positive feedback. Despite the distance, I feel that there is a clear commitment from Algorithmics HQ to help and support franchisees in developing the local business. In the end, Algorithmics success lies in how each franchisee takes off and becomes profitable. On the other hand, my success depends on the ability of Algorithmics to develop and deploy a reliable learning platform and outstanding methodology. The key to success is universal support and transparency. So far, I am delighted and confident that we can build up a strong and longing relationship.
Ivan Aramayo (Algorithmics, Spain),
After we became Algorithmics partners, we not only received instructions on launching and managing the business but also became participants in a big, professional team of specialists. We interact with them daily and discuss a wide variety of issues: from setting up advertising and communicating with parents to educating teachers and the children’s progress. The considerable experience accumulated by our Moscow colleagues has made it possible for us to avoid many mistakes. It has helped us quickly get through any problems that have arisen. Due to my professional background, the educational aspect of the project has special significance for me. It is important to me that our school teaches the children skills that are in demand all over the world and does this with the help of modern teaching tools. The results are noticeable after just a few months of training: the children create multi-level, original projects and quickly navigate through complex technical concepts. All this proves that Algorithmics is undoubtedly one of the most high-quality products on the worldwide market for supplementary children’s education.
Maxim Kasharin (Algorithmics, Russia),
As a concerned parent, I have engaged myself in recognizing the potential that every growing kid has and the opportunities available to them. Coming from a finance background and varied corporate experience, I understand the importance of bringing in new technology and want to help in improving the digitization of education. Through Algorithmics, we wish to create a new generation of creators of technology in India and get kids future-ready for the 21st century. Until now, fine craftsmanship could only be felt on a product that could be touched. Digital literacy was perceived to be rocket-science-like knowledge. But now, kids in India can also learn and experience a finely crafted, world-class digital curriculum curated by the renowned folks at Algorithmics. A solid curriculum has always been at the core of a well-structured education.
Madhurima and Namrata Parakh (Algorithmics, India),
Algorithmics was my first experience in independent business management. So, when I decided to open a children's programming school in my city, I was extremely careful in choosing my franchisor partner. I examined all the offers on the market for about a month and Algorithmics was the best prepared company to enter the region. Having a step-by-step manual, a skilled personal manager, regular webinar consulting and training, and the openness and flexibility of the company as a whole helped me build my own full-fledged business. Now I run the largest children's programming school in Rostov-on-Don.
Ekaterina Semenova,
We began introducing Algorithmics to Israeli children last year, and the results have fully met our expectations. The children are interested in learning and are very pleased with the results. When a 7- year-old child proudly shows their parents the game they created after a couple of months of classes, this inspires not only the child, but also their parents and the teacher. Gamification and the well-designed methodology contribute to rapid assimilation of the material and make the learning process interesting and easy. Support from the platform developers enables you to quickly resolve any issues that arise during the course. Excellent reviews and a low dropout rate during the courses instills confidence in the outcome of the project. Feeling like you're a part of this project is great!
Sasha Gorelik,
The future is coming, and it's going to be digital. All the people on the planet will be users of many devices, but those who want to be successful should understand the logic behind computer programs. This logic is called algorithms, and that's what it's all about. Algorithmics is a state-of-the-art, world-class educational product. It's great for children as it understands their needs, desires, and interests. The level of difficulty can be adjusted for a different level of experience. It's great for teachers as each lesson is described in detail, all the learning materials are prepared, and the platform is really well-conceived. Finally, it's great for Algorithmics partners as the management team is supportive, friendly, and very professional. It's a pleasure working with Algorithmics.
Mike Kulikov,
Algorithmics Videos
What Teachers Think About Us

What Teachers Think About Us

An insight into what teachers think about Algorithmics
Why Parents Choose Us

Why Parents Choose Us

An insight into why parents are choosing Algorithmics
Interview with Dzhennet Marlenova

Interview with Dzhennet Marlenova

LOGIKA Business Developer explains the importance of Algorithmics
An Introduction to the Algorithmics Franchise

An Introduction to the Algorithmics Franchise

Algorithmics is one of the fastest-growing franchises with over 150,000 students all over the world. We teach children aged five-17 how to understand code and to create cartoons and computer games.
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Single unit, multi-unit, area developer, and master franchise opportunities available worldwide.
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