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Can the FASA help with your franchise?

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If you’re new to the world of franchising, there are some useful organisations to be aware of, many of which offer membership schemes. The Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) is one such organisation which we recommend looking at. Here are a few aspects of franchising that the FASA cover, and some ways they might be able to help you in your business venture. 

Education Seminars

For those who are considering becoming a franchisee, and for prospective franchisors, the FASA holds special education seminars throughout the year. These are aimed at informing the public about the issues, challenges and legal aspects of franchising, and can be a useful source of information for anyone entering the industry.

Awards for Excellence in Franchising

Hosted by the FASA, these annual awards reward those who have excelled in the franchising world. There are awards for both franchisors and franchisees, including Franchisee of the Year and Franchisor of the Year. Keeping up with rewards such as these can help with networking opportunities and improve your industry knowledge.


The FASA allows franchising professionals to join the organisation as members. Many business owners are surprised at the effect of aligning themselves with a credible, official organisation, and this is something which new franchise professionals may find helpful. The FASA allows its members to use their logo as a mark of trust, showing that a franchisor is a member of the organisation and adheres to its principles. Choosing ethical operators for the day to day running of a franchise is one of the values promoted by the association, and as such any member using its logo will be seen as a reliable and ethical choice for the public, since they comply with its Code of Ethics.

In addition, many bodies and organisations who provide funding to franchisees and franchisors prefer to deal with those who are members of the FASA, which is another benefit to becoming a member.


Added exposure is available to those who are looking to have their franchises seen by the right people. The FASA has a number of publications and campaigns you can get involved in as a member, all of which can drive added interest in a business. These include press releases and newsletters, as well as print campaigns. You can also have your franchisee featured in the Annual Franchise Directory, as well as their online franchise listing. 

International Franchise and Entrepreneurs Expo

This is the biggest franchise expo in Africa, and is owned by the FASA. The event takes place each May and is key to generating exposure for the brands who exhibit themselves there. For franchisors, getting involved in the expo is a good idea, and even more so for existing members of the FASA, who receive a 20% discount on the costs of exhibiting at the event. 

For more about the Franchise Association of South Africa, see their website. To browse our range of franchise opportunities, see our franchise directory.


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