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The Franchisee's Perspective

From Experienced Employee to Franchisee: How Beneficial is The Change?

Find out why experienced professionals can be the perfect new partners.

Online Franchises Seeing Surge During Covid-19 Pandemic

Discover the advantages of investing in an Online Franchise during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A Career Change at 60: The Top 10 Reasons Why Franchising is a Good Alternative to Retirement

There is an alternative to retirement once you reach 60. And that alternative is franchising!

Five Important Questions That Only Other Franchisees Can Answer

Franchise Direct is the leading franchise portal on the internet, giving you the chance to examine a wide range of franchises and learn what they have to offer.

Asking the Expert: Vera Valasis on the Future of Franchising

Vera Valasis is the first-ever woman to become executive director of FASA. In this interview she discusses the future of the franchise industry and the benefits of starting a franchise.

Young franchisees and entrepreneurs

Franchising can be the perfect model for a young, driven person with goals and the ambition to thrive. Franchise Direct explores the advantages of taking the plunge.

Master Franchising Explained

Discover how a master franchising agreement works, as well as the benefits and responsibilities of a master franchise relationship for both master franchisor and franchisee.

The Resilience of the Franchise Model

The franchise industry remains strong in the post-recession era, demonstrating that the franchise model can thrive in even the most unfavourable economic circumstances.

Survey of the Prospective Franchisees in South Africa 2017

Read the results of our 2017 Prospective Franchisee Survey, and discover fascinating insights into the mindset of potential franchisees.

The Franchise Association of South Africa Survey 2017

Learn more about the recently published results of the Franchise Association of South Africa's annual survey. The last twelve months have proved to be very positive within the franchise sector and the survey's findings are a source of motivation for potential franchisees.

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