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FAQ about Franchising

Everything You Need to Know to Participate in a Franchise Exhibition

This article prepares you to make the most of the franchise fairs that exist in each region. Prepare in advance and make the most of the opportunities.

Five Important Questions That Only Other Franchisees Can Answer

Franchise Direct is the leading franchise portal on the internet, giving you the chance to examine a wide range of franchises and learn what they have to offer.

Asking the Expert: Vera Valasis on the Future of Franchising

Vera Valasis is the first-ever woman to become executive director of FASA. In this interview she discusses the future of the franchise industry and the benefits of starting a franchise.

How to Write the Perfect Business Plan

Writing an effective business plan is a key step in evolving your idea into a functioning, profitable reality. Franchise Direct looks at the key points your business plan should cover.

How Does the Franchisor Make Money?

by Fionn Murray| May 30, 2017| FAQ about Franchising, The Franchise Industry
Here we offer a brief explanation of how you can maximise your revenues as a franchisor and get the most out of your franchisees.

On-boarding and Training for Franchisees

by Fionn Murray| May 14, 2017| FAQ about Franchising, The Franchise Industry
One of the most vital steps a franchisor can take to ensure the long-term profitability of one of their franchises is to provide proper training and support to their franchisees and their franchisees’ staff. Read on for more on the training processes and guidelines suggested for franchisors.

Franchise Territories

by Lorraine Courtney| January 14, 2016| FAQ about Franchising, The Franchise Industry
In our latest report, we examine every aspect of franchise territories: what they are, how they are decided upon and what to look for in acquiring one.

Social Media for Franchisees |

by Lorraine Courtney| December 03, 2015| FAQ about Franchising, The Franchise Industry, Trends & Facts
Traditional marketing can be expensive but logging onto the social sites is a free and very successful way to promote your business.

The Benefits of Franchise Resales

Franchise resales mean that someone else has already built up the business from scratch, so all you need to do is come in and put your touches on the franchise.

The Six Financial Terms Every Franchisee Needs to Know

Are you hoping to get a loan to buy a franchise? Before you book that appointment with a potential lender, you need to understand these six financial terms that professionals in the franchise industry use every day.

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