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Funding the Franchise Business

Cheaper Franchising: Five Ways to Reduce Franchise Costs

by Franchise Direct| August 25, 2019| Funding the Franchise Business, Guide To Buying A Franchise
Cheap franchises – Do they really exist? Here are five ways to reduce franchise costs from Franchise Direct.

Young franchisees and entrepreneurs

Franchising can be the perfect model for a young, driven person with goals and the ambition to thrive. Franchise Direct explores the advantages of taking the plunge.

The Six Financial Terms Every Franchisee Needs to Know

Are you hoping to get a loan to buy a franchise? Before you book that appointment with a potential lender, you need to understand these six financial terms that professionals in the franchise industry use every day.

Financing a Franchise

A franchisee can avail of many sources for financial assistance in starting up the franchise business. This can be in the form of a bank or other financial institutional loan, a loan from a family member or friend, or the franchisor might assist with funding for the franchise start-up costs.

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