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Franchising in South Africa: What Entrepreneurs Should Know

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, franchising is still one of the top ways for people to maintain a solid income in South Africa.

More Than Skin-Deep: Health & Beauty Franchises

Read this examination of trends in the health and beauty industry to discover whether you should consider starting a franchise in this area.

How Has McDonald's Been So Successful For So Long?

McDonald's is one of the great franchising success stories. One of the world's most established brands, this in-depth report breaks down how this food franchise became so influential.

Results of the 2018 Franchise Association of South Africa Survey

The results of the Franchise Association of South Africa's recent survey reflect both the challenges and resilience of the franchise sector.

Running a Franchise From Home

In recent years, home-based franchising has become increasingly popular, as individuals and businesses have recognised that working from home can be just as effective as having an established office elsewhere.

Most Popular Franchise Industries in South Africa

Read our latest blog post to discover which industries and categories are most popular within the South African franchise sector.

Top Industries to Invest In This Year

The wide range of choice within the franchising sector can be overwhelming. Our latest article outlines the key industries to invest in, helping you decide which franchise could be the right choice for you.

South African Franchise Industry Outlook for 2018

by Anna Dawson| March 22, 2018| The Franchise Industry, Franchise Reports, Trends & Facts
The franchise industry in South Africa experienced notable growth in 2017, and the sector is set for even greater expansion in 2018.

Education Franchising in South Africa – A Popular and Viable Business Model

Education franchises have become a popular choice among South African entrepreneurs. Read our latest blog post to understand why.

Social networks for professionals

by Lorraine Courtney| December 19, 2016| The Franchise Industry, Trends & Facts
The problem with building a professional network online is that a contact list can be full of people you have never met and are unlikely to meet. So professional network app developers are trying to get the sector thinking in terms of fun and dating; next-generation apps are more about the moment and who wants to meet for coffee.

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