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Most Popular Franchise Industries in South Africa

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Most Popular Franchise Industries in South Africa

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by the huge variety of franchises on the market today? Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to browse the franchise opportunities that are currently on offer; we organise available franchises into separate industries and categories, making it simple and efficient for you to find your perfect franchise.

Are many people looking for a franchise that they can operate from the comfort of their own home? Are general industries like business consulting franchises more popular than niche sectors such as merchandising franchises? How interested are people in operating businesses that allow them to work part time? We have compiled the most popular franchise industries and categories into an accessible table, featured below. The results may surprise you!

Most Popular Industries

1 Food Franchises
2 Business Opportunities
3 Coffee Franchises
Retail Franchises
5 Children's Franchises
6 B2B Franchises
7 Education Franchises
8 Property and Estate Agency Franchises
9 Internet Franchises
10 Travel and Leisure Franchises
11 Computer Franchises
12 Home Improvement Franchises
13 Print and Sign Franchises
14 Accountacy and Financial Franchises
15 Merchandising Franchises
16 Home Services Franchises
17 Professional Services
18 Business Consulting Franchises
19 Business Training Franchises
20 Recruitment Franchises
21 Photography Franchises

Most Popular Specialised Categories

1 Top Franchises
2 New Franchises
3 Home-Based Franchises
Part-Time Franchises
5 Stay-at-Home-Parents' Franchises
6 Master Franchises
7 International Businesses
8 Management Franchises
9 Master Franchises Abroad

Statistics dated 1 June 2018.


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