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Running a Franchise From Home

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Running a Franchise From Home
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Over the last number of years, working from home has become a popular and increasingly viable concept. Improvements in technology and the rise of the internet have led to increased accessibility worldwide, meaning that working remotely or running a business from home is now very feasible and can be a lucrative business model. This has led to the concept of a 'global community' – the idea that people and countries from across the world are now closely connected by modern telecommunications. These factors mean that home-based businesses can be the perfect fit for those looking to enter the world of franchising.

Home-based franchises can be ideally suited to many people: those with a limited budget or mobility, parents who wish to work from home, or those who are simply seeking a better work-life balance in the midst of hectic modern life. Franchisors in sectors such as consulting, financial services, computer training and repair, cleaning, pet care, children's services, photography and travel are now actively offering potential franchisees the opportunity to base their business from their home. Statistics South Africa's annual General Household Survey, released in June 2018, found that almost 12% of the population worked from home, a figure which has risen steadily over the course of the last decade.

There are many benefits to working from the comfort of your own home. Travel costs will be considerably reduced or even eradicated and cutting out a commute to work can have a positive effect on mental health. Money that is not spent on an office space and the accompanying overheads can be saved or invested back into the business. There is no need for a uniform or strict office attire. Working from home allows a certain level of flexibility that is very appealing. Working from home can also mean fewer sicks days and an increase in productivity.

The decision to work from home should be carefully considered. Workers should be mindful of the importance of creating a calm, quiet work space for themselves and attempting to stick to a routine as much as possible in order to maximise productivity. It is important to still take regular breaks, and workers should avoid falling into the trap of working very late or long hours, simply because they are avoiding a time-consuming commute. This can be counter-productive and cultivate a negative mindset towards working from home, as well as impacting on relationships with friends and family. Potential franchisees should check with their local authority to ensure that there are no rules in place restricing the commercial use of a property.

A highspeed internet connection and working phone line are necessary to facilitate working from home. A desk, comfortable chair, adequate stationary and good lighting can also help create the perfect working environment. Working from a designated area within the home each day, such as an office, can assist the separation of work life from the relaxing home environment; establishing these crucial boundaries can help increase productivity. The office or work space should be in a quiet part of the home, away from distractions such as children, pets, other family members or televisions. Family members, children and roommates must understand that they should not disturb those who are working from home unless it is for something urgent, if they are in the home during working hours.

Working from home or running a home-based business will suit those who are self-motivated and organised. When choosing a home-based franchise, ensure that the training and support provided by the franchisor will be sufficient to enable you to work from the comfort of your own home.

Working from home can be an enjoyable, refreshing and exciting career path. Explore the opportunities available and find the perfect home-based franchise for you.


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