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Eazi-Apps make it easier for small businesses to manage their social media

January 30, 2023
Today, more companies than ever before are using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to market their products.

FullPivot provides local businesses with a framework for creating content

January 30, 2023
The goal of a content strategy is to create a plan that uses content as the primary means to accomplish business objectives.

Local businesses can benefit from Eazi-Sites' advanced widgets

January 30, 2023
How a business's website is set up can determine its usefulness to visitors. A good layout, informative content and useful functionality will help users navigate a website. It can also lead to increased sales for that business.

FullPivot's innovative Sales and Success Centre helps entrepreneurs succeed

Every business in every industry strives to retain its customers and cultivate happy, long-term relationships with them. This is why customer relationship management (CRM) systems have become an increasingly popular tool among entrepreneurs. It allows them to manage their customer relationships more effectively.

Eazi-Sites provide a platform for entrepreneurs to reach customers and improve sales

For businesses to connect with customers, intelligent entrepreneurs look for affordable technology solutions that boost productivity and are simple to implement. Among the options is a customer relationship management system (CRM).

Eazi-Apps offer a robust CRM solution to help entrepreneurs succeed

To grow a business, companies need to be able to provide consistent customer experiences and scale personalised interactions.

Top 3 Recommendations for January 2023

by Franchise Direct| January 18, 2023| Franchise Information Centre, Franchise News
The beginning of the year is always a busy month for franchises. So why not catch up with all our latest monthly news, updates and franchise offerings?

Eazi-Sites helps small businesses reach customers and make sales

A personalised shopping experience, in which customers feel like the company is listening to them and their needs, provides a sustainable advantage for companies.

FullPivot provides strategic content marketing plans that help businesses grow

The team at FullPivot can help entrepreneurs to set clear marketing goals and define priorities. In addition, they provide knowledge that will help a business develop its content strategy.

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