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AC Focus Brings Big Savings for Starbucks

As with all energy projects executed by Best.Energy Partners globally, this project at a store in Mumbai started with an Eniscope 8 Channel monitoring system being installed on-site.

Energy Efficiency Project Delivers up to 40% Energy Savings

A BEST partner in Malaysia has brokered a landmark energy deal with global fast-food giants KFC, paving the way for a potentially huge Southeast Asian Eniscope energy monitoring roll-out. That is despite tough competition in a 12-company tender battle.

USA School District Saves $8m+ on Energy Costs

The $500m project value is obviously striking, but perhaps even more impressive is the model being offered to the client - a US schools district - to make it happen. For the client, there are a number of attractive features to that model. They have no capital expenditure, at all. They don’t have to handle maintenance for the new technologies. And, perhaps best of all; the funder, Generate Capital, actually pay them up-front a portion of the projected energy savings at each stage.

Best.Energy Partner Transforms Energy Landscape for Dairy Factory in Honduras

With the soaring electricity rates that have long burdened Central America, the client set out to investigate ways to reduce energy consumption and cut costs, and Lumen Energy had exactly the solution.

Metal Foundry Saves 42.5% on Energy Bills Through the Power of Energy Monitoring

Legislation has become increasingly strict worldwide in regard to energy consumption within manufacturing sector related activities. Metal casting, although one of the oldest manufacturing processes, is also one of the most energy intensive - with elements like motors, lighting and industrial ovens posing significant energy challenges.

Mövenpick Hotel Shares Savings on Successful Energy Efficiency Project

2021 was a particularly difficult year for the hospitality industry, even more so in countries like Kenya - where tourism is a huge contributor to the economy. Low occupancy rates made their high energy bills all the more hard to stomach.

UK Plastics Manufacturer Saves 26.7% on Energy Bills

Injection moulding company, Tex Plastics, bears witness to the full potential of Best.Energy’s intuitive Eniscope solution, saving thousands of pounds.

Supermarket Brand Rely on Eniscope for Proactive Energy Management

Best.Energy’s flagship partner in Scandinavia, IQ Energy Nordic, have been working hand-in-hand with KFI - a commercial foundation that owns around 50% of the rights to Meny and SPAR supermarkets across Denmark.

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