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Franchise Survey Launched to Find Out the Situation of Franchising in South Africa

FASA Survey
The project is run by Franchise Association of South Africa
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FASA’s Franchise Surveys will be conducted from May to July 2023 with franchisors and franchisees across the fourteen different business sectors participating in one-on-one and online interviews.

The project is run by Franchise Association of South Africa with Absa with the purpose of getting a clear indication of the challenges franchisors and franchisees faced and more importantly what lies ahead for the future of this important sector, after four years of difficult times.

The different Surveys

The Franchisor Survey will track the franchise trajectory in South Africa over the past four years, whether it is upholding its contribution to GDP, assessing any losses it may have incurred during the past turbulent years in terms of drop in revenue, operating/closure of stores, creation of employment and clarification of key franchise practices.

The Franchisee Satisfaction Survey will measure the temperature of the franchisees at the coalface of the economy and is critical to the health of small businesses within the economy.

This includes an analysis of how franchisees coped in the difficult trading environment and whether they are getting the necessary support from their franchisors.

The results of the surveys will form part of FASA’s event calendar for the second half of 2023 – which includes a Franchise Expo in August and the FASA Conference in October.

If you would like to participate on the survey as franchisors or franchisees, whether FASA members or not, please contact Research EQ:

“FASA has, for the past 44 years, overseen the establishment and growth of this vital sector,” has said Fred Makgato, FASA’s CEO in their official website.

“We cannot allow growth in our sector to regress or slow down as the future of South Africa relies on a vibrant sector like ours that encourages entrepreneurship, plays a role in skills transfer and in job creation. Now, more than ever, franchising needs to hold its own, take the road to recovery and continue to play the important role it does in the country’s economy”, has concluded.

Resource: Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA).

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