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Start your own Online Business in the Lucrative Adult Entertainment Industry

Amber Protel Business Opportunity_4The Adult Entertainment industry is the largest business on the Internet but is one of the least talked about despite having a multi-billion Rand turn over and making people from all walks of life into millionaires. Now it is possible for you to get your share of the success.

Amber Protel has spent 14 years in the adult entertainment business with 10 of those years developing our Internet webstores. We have expanded our business to include the largest range of adult entertainment services and products found anywhere under one package. Now you can join us as a partner and enjoy your share from the huge benefits in this fast moving global market.

Why are we looking for new international partners?

Our business has grown at an ever increasing rate over the last 14 years operating from many countries using partners from those countries to set up agencies to promote our products and services in various different ways. We have decided that the best way to continue our success is to recruit business partners to start their own Amber Protel webstore - when you make money from your webstore then we make money, it's that simple! The Internet is the fastest growing and by far the largest advertising media in the world with an unlimited number of customers, we have been able to expand our operations to a much wider audience with the help of our partners.

Amber Protel Business Opportunity_5The Business Opportunity

As a business partner with Amber Protel, we will build you your own adult entertainment website. This website will feature an adult Entertainment Shop selling lingerie, videos, DVD's and enhancement products, a multimedia content section, you own Worldwide Dating Agency, a Virtual 3D Gambling Casino and much more! You will receive a percentage of the charges for each of the services paid for on your site.

How does your online business work?

When you join us as a Partner, we will design, build and launch your customised webstore on it’s own web address (for example

To help your business get off of the ground, our programmers will put in place a twelve month advertising campaign with the top twenty search engines, covering nearly 80% of all internet traffic and promote it to over 15,000 smaller search engines. We have also developed a fast track marketing strategy where you could start generating earnings within ONE month using our unique partner’s program.

Amber Protel Business Opportunity_3Ongoing Support

Our online marketing process is continued weekly throughout the first 3 months of your business, and then every two weeks after that as part of our FREE maintenance programme for a total of 12 months. Any advertising carried out by you need never be outside of the Internet unless you want to, as it can receive thousands of visitors every week just by using our recommended methods.

We are dedicated to the success of your business, and so provide you with ongoing support throughout the lifetime of your business. You will automatically have access to our partners’ website where we include the latest promotional and self promotional methods. In addition to this, our Support Section is available 24 hours a day to help you achieve maximum success from your new business.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for ambitious individuals with at least 10 hours per week to spare who want to start their own business from home, with low overheads in the growing online commerce sector. If you think you have what it takes to join us and build a successful online adult entertainment business, then we want to hear from you!


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