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Robocore franchisees can already enjoy a 4-day week – if they want!

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The hours we work

Based on the traditional 9-5 working hours, most of us work 40 hours per week. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) defines 48 hours per week as excessive, yet at least 614 million people are doing just this. Undoubtedly entrepreneurs may scoff at the idea of 48 hours being excessive, but it is their choice to put in long hours, whereas the concept of shorter hours is for the benefit of employees. Self-employed people also have more freedom to make their own decisions about the hours they work, and part of the reason for choosing freelancing is that a certain flexibility is already built in to that work style.

According to the New Economics Foundation there are numerous benefits to reducing working hours. It has recommended moving to a 21-hour standard workweek to address problems with unemployment, high carbon emissions, low wellbeing, entrenched inequalities, overworking, family care, and the general lack of free time. Meanwhile, the Center for Economic and Policy Research states that reducing the length of the working week would slow climate change and have other environmental benefits. Iceland certainly found that reducing public sector workers’ hours had a positive effect on wellbeing without any sacrifice of productivity.

What are the benefits of working fewer hours?

Increased productivity is one of the foremost benefits. A study conducted by Stanford University revealed that overworked employees are actually less productive than employees working an average or normal working week. Perpetual Guardian, a New Zealand company conducted a trial study of a four-day working week. Not only did employees maintain the same productivity level, but they also showed improvements in job satisfaction, teamwork, work/life balance and company loyalty. Employees also reported a decrease in stress levels of 45% to 38%.

Robocore franchisees have options

As a Robocore franchisee you always have the option to work a four-day week, as you are your own boss. You don’t need to wait for government legislation wherever you are in the world, because you have the power to organise your week in a way that benefits your business and your life.

Robocore franchisees have a big ‘time’ advantage, because you will be using AI, robotics and machine learning technology that speeds up the process of finding candidates, as well as accurately pinpointing the best candidates for the role, and those are just two of the tools offered to our franchisees.

Have you got what it takes to be a recruitment entrepreneur?

Robocore looks for franchisees with a relevant career background that can be leveraged into building a recruitment business, as well as a strong desire and commitment to being a recruiter. Franchisees will also need to have the required fee (£15k) for acquiring a Robocore franchise. But please note: the Robocore franchise model provides every franchisee with the promise that they will make their enrolment fee back before Robocore takes any commission. Furthermore, Robocore shares its own clients with franchisees, so that they have an opportunity to learn the ‘real life’ process, as well as gain more income

We realise that some of you may be interested in Robocore, but don’t have the funds right now. That’s fine. You can sign up for our newsletters and stay updated with Robocore’s progress until you’re ready to commit.


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