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Why Choose Experimax? An Opportunity You Don’t Want to Miss

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If you do make the decision to buy a franchise, then one of the opportunities that you should strongly consider is our Experimac franchise.

Here are a few reasons why Experimax is one of the best franchise opportunities that you can invest in:

1. You Love the Apple Brand

If you love your Apple technology and always have the newest iPhone or Mac, then you should get a lot of personal enjoyment out of running an Experimax franchise — and it’s important to be proud of the products or services that you offer at your business.

Experimax focuses on pre-owned Apple products and has earned a reputation as an innovator in technology sales as well as service.

2. You Don’t Have to Be an Expert

You won’t be expected to know how to take apart an iPhone or how to build one out of spare parts. You can handle the business side of things and hire a staff to handle the repairs.

Even if you’re not the most experienced or knowledgeable business person, you can still be an effective Experimax owner. We make this possible by providing our owners with full-fledged training in the form of a two-week course and three-week on-site training. You’ll learn everything you’ll need to know in order to run your store effectively.

3. You’ll Be Investing in a Growing Industry

Computers and smartphones continue to be in high demand. Only a few years ago, more than 302 million computers were sold throughout the world, generating an astonishing $302 billion in sales revenue. Not to mention that so many cell phone subscriptions have been sold that there’s practically one for every person on the planet.

Additionally, the repair service market for this type of equipment has continued to expand. Toward the end of 2014, Americans spent around $23.5 billion on iPhone screen repairs alone.

4. You’ll Be Investing in an Established Brand

Experimax has only been franchising for three years, but we already boast 38 different franchise locations. Not only is Experimax well established, but the brand of the products we sell and repair — Apple — is one of the biggest brands in the world. Customers line up around the block just to purchase their new iPhones on release day, after all.

By investing in an established brand like this, it will be much easier to market your services and products—and you’ll have an already established customer base to work with, as well.

5. The Investment Cost Is Low

Starting a business from the ground up can be incredibly expensive. Not to mention that it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how much it’s going to cost you to get your new business of the ground.

Not so with our Experimax franchise. You can expect to invest between $136,000 and $277,000, depending on various factors such as location and size. The franchise fee is only $49,500 and owners are only required to have a liquid capital of $50,000. Experimac only requires a six percent royalty, as well.

Experimax has a lot going for it, as you can see.

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